What do I need to play LOVELOCK?

1) Chrome, Firefox or Cipher browser (mobile)
2) Metamask (Link to MetaMask) or for
    mobile devices Cipher (Link to Cipher)
3) Some Ether (ETH) or LovCoins (LOV)

How long will my lovelock exist?

For the entire life of the Ethereum blockchain (maybe forever). NOBODY will be able to delete or change a lovelock later. The lovelock is meant for eternity.

What is Ether (ETH)?

Ether is a cryptocurrency of the ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is able to handle so called smart contracts - this amazing technology makes apps like lovelock-online possbile.

What is LovCoin (LOV)?

LovCoin is a ERC-20 Token running on the ethereum blockchain. The official name is Love, luck, peace, joy and happiness!.

Where can I see my lovelock in the blockchain?

You can watch your lovelock on etherscan.io: Etherscan.io. Insert your lock hash (f.e. 0xf1a43de5e2dad086644d32b90ae192f3eb547160f40fbdc52fd577499a669b64) unter 11. DataRecordStructs and see the data stored in the blockchain contract. You can also see the source of the smartcontract an how it works in detail.