Terms of use

Lovelock online is a blockchain based game. The blockchain technology is still partly experimental. The use of this app is at your own risk. We do not guarantee availability, visibility and accessibility of the service. In particular, we assume no liability for third party providers such as etherscan.io or parity.io.

The user agrees to deal responsibly with the publication of his content. The entries in the blockchain are permanent, we have no influence on this because of the permanent nature of the blockchain technology.

However, we reserve the right to hide certain locks on lovelock-online if they consider us to be inhumane, not respectful, racist, offensive or shameful.

Payment is made by Ether (ETH) or LovCoin (LOV). In addition, transactions incur gas costs which the customer pays in addition.

ATTENTION! A INVESTMENT IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES CAN LEAD TO TOTAL LOSS. THIS PAGE IS NOT AN INVESTMENT ADVICE OR SHOULD MOTIVE YOU TO DO RISKAN INVESTMENTS. We believe in the great future of Blockchain technology and would like to make a small contribution with this project. It also means that we accept cryptocurrencies as payment. At the same time, we realize that this young and experimental technology still has some technical difficulties to solve. These are e.g. scaling problems, speed and security.

21. february 2018